How can I look stylish everyday? How can I look put-together?  How can I dress well on a budget?

As Gold Coast Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers, if we had a dollar for every time we heard our clients utter these words, when asked what they wanted to achieve from a styling session, well, let’s just say that we’d be very, very comfortable.

When it comes to dressing well, most women, it seems, are looking for that magic formula.  That bit of je ne sais quoi.  So that when they leave the house each morning, they are looking their very brightest and bestest self.  In basic terms, they want to look like they have their shit together.

How you look each morning CAN determine where your day is headed.  When you feel you look good, doors can begin to open where they’ve been closed before and the day begins to shine that little bit brighter.  

On the flip-side, when you are not looking your best, your confidence can come crashing down and what started as a good day can quickly turn to poo!

No need to panic!  Whatever you’re doing –  be it heading to the office, navigating the school run or simply catching up with the girls, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve come up with a little list of our tried and tested Top Tips to have you looking and feeling your best every day. 

You’re welcome.

Plan Ahead

It’s been said “That Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail“.  Well, this is a little dramatic but looking good is a whole lot easier when you’ve allowed yourself some time to think about what you are going to wear.  The night before is ideal.  This saves SO much grief in the morning.  Smart girls read the memo the night before.  They plan it.  They double check it.  They lay it out for the morning.

Zoe Saldana blooms in this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana gown.

Know your wardrobe

Keep your wardrobe up-to-date by going through it every month or so.  Throw out or donate the ill-fitting, the stained, the out-of-date.  You want to make sure that your every-day wardrobe only contains things that you actually wear and that you actually like to wear.

Get down to basics

OK the term “capsule wardrobe” gets bandied around a lot but it really is a simple way to get on top of your wardrobe and lose that “oh God” feeling everytime you open your closet. 

Make sure you have all the “classic” basics.  The white top, the grey top, the black top, the classic blazer, the dark wash jeans, the blue jeans etc.  In other words, the pieces that tie everything else together. 

It’s all well and good having that beautiful amazing colourful embroidered jacket in there but seriously, if you don’t have anything to wear with it, what’s the point?

Give yourself the gift of time

If you find yourself rushing out the door each morning with damp hair clinging to your face whilst clutching a slice of toast, you need to back up sister.  By starving yourself of time in the morning you are doing yourself a big fat disservice. 

Seriously, It can be kind of magical when you have the time in the morning to leisurely blow-dry your hair, gently apply your make-up, all the while a gentle smile plays on your lips as you contemplate the day ahead.  Well, maybe that’s a bit much but please!   Do yourself a BIG favour.  Set. The. Alarm. Clock. Earlier.

That final Zhuzh

Meaning: The final tweaks that elevate your outift from Meh to Marvellous.  One of the simplest tips but oh so important.  Do not leave the house without first giving yourself the “once-over” in the mirror and style your outfit.  By this we mean roll up the shirt sleeves to reveal your beautiful wrists, expose your collar and cuffs from under your crew-neck sweater, front tuck your t-shirt.  Play with your outfit so that you are wearing IT and not the other way around. 

Finally, check your hair, teeth, make sure your skirt isn’t tucked into your undies, plaster on that smile and shine.  Brightly.

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iWell that’s all from us.

Please let us know your favourite tips for stepping out in style, we always love to hear from you.  

If you need help with your style and want to find the right pieces for your bodyshape, budget and lifestyle, please contact us below.  We have a package to suit everyone!

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