Is your dad a bit of a dag?  Is he guilty of pairing his white ankle length sports-socks with his boat shoes?  Do his Billabong Boardies double up as casual shorts?  Can you see his undershirt collar under his button-up business shirt?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!  We are Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers servicing South East Queensland.

We’ve been having a little chat about where dads go wrong in the style department and with the approach of Father’s Day and in honour of all those dad’s out there, we’ve put together a little list of fashion faux pas and how to fix them.  We’ve also found the perfect stylish gifts for dad this year.


One of the most common fashion mistakes made by dads has definitely got to be one of the simplest style fix of all.  The socks.  So much so that we’ve made a little list of easy to follow rules.

Rule # 1.  Unless you are a Michael Jackson impersonator, on no occasion should you EVER wear white socks with dress shoes.  It’s simple, dark socks only!

Rule # 2. Seriously though, there is nothing funny about “humorous” socks.  If you don’t want anyone to take you seriously, then by all means wear them but trust us, Bart Simpson peaking out under your business suit ain’t making anyone laugh.

Rule # 3.  3/4 sport socks should only be worn at the gym with your runners.  Under no circumstance should they be worn with your casual shorts and sneakers or with boat shoes.  There are plenty of comfortable no-show socks out there so there is no excuse!  And remember, if it’s too cold for no socks then it’s too cold for boat shoes!

Rule #4.  No socks with sandals ever.  End of story.

Baggy jeans

For an item of clothing that almost everyone owns, it’s surprising how many gents get it wrong when it comes to jeans.  The biggest issues seems to be size and colour and dads tend to wear them too large and too light.  Baggy light denim jeans (aka dad jeans) are the least flattering on a man.  A darker wash denim in a straight or skinny leg (not spray on) is so much more flattering.   An instant style update for your dad is jeans.  We guarantee, not only will he look better, he will feel better.

Facial Hair

God.  This is a tricky one.  We are both lovers of the facial hair.  We love a bit of designer stubble and love a beard.  Beards can actually make some dads look better but beware, like the hair on your head, they need to be looked after.  They need regular grooming.  There is no bigger turn off than a scraggly beard harbouring the tell-tale tidbits of what you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours.  That said, there are beards and there are beards.  We’re talking a classic beard here.   Classic doesn’t include ANY of the following: the soul patch, the goatee, the chin strap, mutton chops, any kind of lone moustache, or the over-styled beard (the kind with the rectangles etc cut into it – these are strictly the domain of Robert Downie-Junior or serial killers).  Also grey beards look great.  No bleaching or dying please!

Visible Undershirts

Thanks to the warmer climes of Queensland, we don’t see this heinous crime played out often but unfortunately, it is still out there.  Don’t do this ever.  If you are cold, put on a jumper.

Our picks for Father’s Day.

There are some great easy  to add to dad’s wardrobe to get it happening.  These are our picks from the local stores that will have your dad looking rad in no time.
Adidas Gazelles in Blue $130.  Available here.
General Pants Ksubi Chitch Pure Dynamite Jeans $214.95.  Available here.
Country Road Elevated Bomber $79.95 (on sale).  Available here.
Saba Andre Mercerised Polo in Teale $79.00.  Available here.
Kmart 3 pack no-show socks $3.00.  Available here.

BTW one of the biggest gifts of style you can give pops is a shopping trip with us … we’d love to help!

That’s all from us but wishing all you dads out there, daggy dads or not, a very Happy Father’s Day!

Back soon,

HowTwoStyle Personal Stylist Personal Shopper Gold Coast Brisbane Queensland

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