A couple of years back, I wrote a blog called “the mystery of the t shirt holes”.

As our go-to daily uniform consists mainly of T-shirt and jeans, this is a subject very close to our hearts as we’ve ruined many an expensive tee due to these pesky little holes – and continued to do so.

We carried out our own little investigation back then that revealed the cause of our misery is the hardware on our denim rubbing against the fabric of our fav shirt (particularly when leaning into a hard surface is kitchen counter).


Well, one very clever UK mum read our blog and recently sent us a sample of her very ingenious invention named “Holè” .

A little soft silicon cover that simply pops over the button of your jeans.  Happily it comes in 2 colors, and two sizes so will fit most jeans.

I’ve been wearing mine for 2 weeks now over my favourite Zara jeans and can happily report that I have not had one hole appear in my tops!  This is highly unusual for me.


If you’d like to give this amazing little product a go, find Holè button covers here or check out their website, www.holebuttoncover.com.  You’ll be happy you did.

Let us know how you go, we’d love to hear. Alternatively, if you’ve got a product for us to try, please contact us below.

PS Please note this is NOT a sponsored post.

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