News Flash:  We are all getting older. Every single one of us.

Then why is it that women over the age of 40 are made to feel like they are past their use-by-date?

There are so many stories out there about women reaching a certain age and suddenly becoming “invisible”.  We hear it all the time in our work as personal stylists.  Type in “invisible after 40” into your search engine and an array of articles will appear; some interesting, some humerous and some just plain depressing.

Aren’t we living longer and looking better than ever before?  We certainly think so.

Depressingly, we read recently that a UK survey found that 80% of people thought that women should dress down when they reached the age of 50!  Are they f**cking kidding us?

When will this society, that values youth above all else, realize that we are out there and we’re not going away anytime soon.

Women over 40 make up one of the largest and most powerful consumer groups (with usually more money now than we ever had in our 20s to spend on fashion and beauty) yet where are the poster girls for the middle-aged woman?  Show us a fashion label that embraces an older woman in its advertising campaign or a beauty product that reaches out to us (one that doesn’t involve staving off the dreaded aging process?).

That’s why we are refusing to bow down to this growing phenomenon.  If you feel like you have reached an age where you are blending in with the “old-lady” wallpaper, it’s time to throw off that Cloak of Invisibility and step into the light.

Contrary to what the fashion industry and the media will have us believe, Style does not have an expiration date.  Showing up in life is a choice.  Your choice.  It doesn’t matter if you are 21 or 61, it is up to you to be seen.  Looking good = feeling good.  Don’t let society dictate how you should or should not look at a certain age.  You don’t have to lose your interest in fashion and sense of vitality just because you’re the wrong right side of 40.

Try telling these “old ladies” to fade into the background.


(All images featured from Pinterest)

Now we are certainly not talking about competing with the pretty young things out there.  God forbid.  To be honest, we’ve been there, done that and don’t particularly want to go back there.

We, as older women, should be celebrated or at least celebrating ourselves and eachother.  We have or have had amazing careers, travelled the world, maybe raised a couple of kids (and have the stretch marks to prove it).  OK, we have wrinkles and grey hair.  Maybe there’s a little more sand in the bottom of the hourglass than there used to be.  But that doesn’t mean we should blend in or give up.

How we choose to show up in the world, represents how we are feeling on the inside.  If you are not interested in yourself, how can you expect anyone else to be?

We believe that you should do whatever it takes to make YOU feel good about YOURSELF.  Do it for yourself.  Wear what you love and feel amazing in.  Stride into Zara with your head held high and buy that silk-embroidered-bomber jacket you’ve been eyeing-off.  Put on that red lippy and fill in those brows.  It’s your time to shine Sister.

We will leave you with the words of the wonderful and wise 94 year old style icon herself, Iris Apfel.

“I think the greatest fashion faux pas is looking in the mirror and seeing someone else”.

In other words, be yourself and be seen.

We hope this has given you some food for thought. We’d love to hear your experiences on this or if you need a little help in reclaiming your sense of style, we’d love to help.

Until next time,

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