With freshly applied make-up sliding down your face and your beachy-waves heading south, it can be a bit of a challenge to keep your style-flag flying in a heatwave. Especially when you’re headed to the office.  Lucky for you, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to remain stylish when the mercury is rising.

Fortunately for most of us, getting around the office in skimpy beachwear or showing too much skin, is a big no-no.  Even though the summer sun is bearing down upon us, standards are still standards. Walking the fine-line between keeping cool and dressing stylishly can be a little bit tricky.  Here’s a little list of tips to help you look your best … even when you feel like you’re standing too close to the center of the Earth.

  1. Go natural.  No, we’re not talking about getting your gear off but embracing natural fibres.  Cottons, silks, and linens will keep you much cooler (and much fresher) than man-made fabrics will.
  2. Light colours.  When dressing for a hot day, remember that dark colours absorb the heat, whilst light colours reflect it.
  3. Loose fit.  Whilst you may prefer tighter, fitted clothes, the looser fit is definitely the way to go on scorchers.  A far cooler option whilst simultaneously helping you avoid the old pesky sweat-stains.
  4. Layers are your friend.  Ever walked around the frozen food section of the supermarket on the way home from the beach? Then you will know what we mean when we say that it’s no fun to be underdressed when the airconditioning (or freezers) are blasting out cold air. That’s why dressing for this weather requires a bit of forward thinking.  A short sleeved cardi or light linen blazer both work really well for layering this time of year.

For us, simple, easy to wear ensembles work best – a silk shirtdress and sandals or a midi-skirt and light shirt work really well and always look great.  We’ve put together some of our favourite looks, along with a little summer style inspiration.

A simple silk shirtdress ticks all the boxes and stands the test of time. (Image from Pinterest)

Equipment silk dress available here, Seed Heritage sunnies available here., The Horse watch available here, Karen Millen belt available here, See by Choe shoes and bag available here.

A simple shirt and skirt combo in light hues and soft, flowy fabrics screams cool. (Image from Pinterest).

Country Road shirt available here, Banana Republic skirt available here, Witchery sunglasses available here, The Horse watch as above, Witchery make-up available here, Country Road bag available here, Manolo Blahnic shoes available here.

That’s all from us.  We’d love to hear what your summer go-to’s are, or anything else for that matter!

If you’re finding summer dressing a problem or simply need some style advice, please contact us.  We are more than happy to help.

Until next time, keep cool,

PS If you’re thinking of stepping out in shorts anytime soon, have a read of our last blog for some inspiration xx

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