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Sal and Jane explain how they can help you with your personal style. How Two Style – Personal Fashion Stylist Gold Coast, Australia

How to look amazing every day (whatever your budget)

OUR BLOG30JULHow can I look stylish everyday? How can I look put-together?  How can I dress well on a budget? As Gold Coast Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers, if we had a dollar for every time we heard our clients utter these words, when asked what they wanted...

The Gift of Style for Father’s Day

In honour of all the dads out there, Personal Stylists Sal and Jane share their top tips on how to style your daggy dad plus some great gift ideas for Father’s Day 2018. Personal stylist personal shopper wardrobe cleanse Gold Coast Brisbane Queensland

What to wear at any age

          OUR BLOG                     26 JULY       We get a bit tired of being told what not to wear after you reach a certain age.  It's OK, we get it already.  No mid-riffs,...

How to layer like a boss

        OUR BLOG                 18 JULY   Even though we are well and truly in the throes of Winter here on the GC, judging what to wear from one day to the next can be a little bit tricky. Especially...

A Basket Case

      OUR BLOG             17 OCTOBER       Want a quick and super easy way to weave a bit of Summer magic into your wardrobe?  Then read on. With the fashion world's recent obsession with bedazzled,...

The Oscars 2017 – Our Wrap Up

    OUR BLOG         27 FEB     Spoiler alert : There was a lot of shiny fabric, a toilet roll holder and a lady who forget her knickers.  Here's our wrap of today's Oscar red carpet. The Best There was so much gold at this...

Searching for the Invisible Woman

  OUR BLOG     16 NOV   News Flash:  We are all getting older. Every single one of us. Then why is it that women over the age of 40 are made to feel like they are past their use-by-date? There are so many stories out there about women reaching a...

How to embrace the 2016 Victorian trend

OUR BLOG 8 JUNE The Victorian age is known for many things, most of it not so good; a rigid moral code, child labour, Jack the Ripper and a whole host of disgusting, skin-crawling deseases.  But out of all this, came one of fashion's most beautiful, feminine and...

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We are UK born identical twins who live and work on the beautiful Gold Coast. We are committed to making the World a more stylish place. We offer styling packages to suit everyone, as well as personal shopping and fashion styling. We'd love to hear from you.




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