1. It's a classic. It never goes out of style.

2. It goes great with all-black.

3. It also goes great with all-white.

4. It always looks expensive.

5. It goes oh so well with your boyfriend jeans.

6. Game, set and match with your Stan Smiths.

7. You can always borrow from your man (for oversized-boyfriend-chic-ness).

8. Just as amazing in a sleeveless style. (Especially for us in warmer climes).

9. It's makes for a great travelling companion.

10. Last but not least - What's not to love?

[All images from Pinterest]

Ah.  The eternally stylish Camel Coat.  We hope we’ve managed to whet your appetite!

We are currently in the process of searching out our favourites : the best quality and the best value for money.  We will post these on our blog as soon as we’ve decided.

In the meantime, if you have a favourite we’d love to know and share.

We’ll be back soon.  Until then, have a beautiful week,


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